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Every small business has the challenge of breaking out from the start up phase and actually achieving something worth bringing to the next level. Despite the convenient and the seemingly easy solution offered by online marketing, there still has to be a way in which business owners should learn how to position themselves in social media sites to ensure brand presence. Thus, the following are tips to follow in dealing with different options for your strategies.


As of the latest count, it has hundreds of millions of users to date, thus providing businesses with a diverse mix of target consumers to pick from. So how do you start being active?

First thing you need to do is to sign up for an account using your company’s name. If you have a unique name, that should be no problem because it means that no existing account has gotten yours first. A fan page is also advantageous because you only need for people to “like” our page without going to the trouble of sending friend requests. Another helpful move would be to evaluate the competition with regards to the number of friends, how their posts are being received and commented on. This way, you can learn a thing or two about dealing with consumers exposed to marketing techniques.


Twitter only allows you to type in 140 and less characters for every post you make. This defines micro-blogging, where thoughts are condensed and you are forced to go straight to the point. However, what you have for an ally is the retweeting, where it can reach the other millions subscribed to the site.

Since social media marketing is already becoming a priority for businesses, Twitter has provided for a guide when using such platform in making your brand known. Once signed up, you can familiarize yourself with how contents are posted and received by your target audience. It is important to put into consideration their needs and preferences so that you will be granted those retweet. Also, like in search engine optimization, start searching using keywords that pertain to your business so that you will see who your competitors are and who are most likely interested in it.

These two sites are presently the most used ones, so it is beneficial for you to start there. All you have to keep in mind is that there is always the possibility of consumers getting turned off, so position yourself only when needed and when the opportunity calls for it. This is also the reason why you need to let your potential customers get to you first because they will surely stay interested.

Also, aside from social media etiquette, the best way to keep followers engaged is by providing interesting content that they won’t hesitate to share to others.  If you are successful with that, the above mentioned sites will do the work for you, and all you have to do is maintain that level of trust and openness to your consumers.

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